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(please Note to avoid confusion) this logo is only used to Identyfy the Bank, as the lastest Communication from INPS refers Citi Bank as (Citi) ,

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From the first of February 2012 INPS will be using the Citi Bank group of banks to pay the Italian pensioners; the Citi Group has over 200 million clients in 160 countries.

Why the change?
Inps has selected the service of the Citi group to pay its clients as Citi is a worldwide leader in the delivery of financial services across the world, Citi Bank  guarantees efficient and punctual service to all its clients ,

Will I be able to photo Copy the Life Certification Document

The answer is no

All forms are personalised and cannot be altered nor photocopied, if you have misplaced the Form you need to personally contact Citi Bank INPS pensioners section.

Where do I send the completed Form?

All completed Forms are to be sent to PO BOX 69957 London E14 1UNJ United Kingdom.

When do I have to send the Form?

To effectuate your payment expeditiously Citi need your completed Form as soon as possible, it will be in the interest of the Pensioner to post out the form as soon as it received.

The document needs certification

Who can certify the Form?

The following authorities are acceptable for this purpose:

  • The Italian Consulate / the Italian Embassy
  • A Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Public Notary
  • Councillor
  • State or Federal  MP

 Can my pension be paid in a joint Account?

Seek Consensus of the other account holder

Only if the other person declares through written documentation that the person receiving the Italian pension is allowed to use the account for the purpose of depositing the pension payment, this document must be received by the bank before the 15th of December 2011.

Do I have to visit a Citi Office in my State

The answer is, there is no reason for you to contact a Citi Bank Office.
 If I need to seek help in relation to my payment who do I contact?

You can call the following number For Australia 1800016798 this number will be in service after the first of February 2012 .

How else can I communicate with Citi Bank

By visiting:

E mail : 

Citibank Melbourne

Ground Floor 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Inner Melbourne

Patronato  03/90784189

Giuseppe Cossari

Latest Information

February 2009


Take Note currently Pensioners are receiving the OBSM document

This Document is an informative document no action needs to be taken.

However it is recommended that you save it for future reference.

March 2010

Declaration of Pensioner Income 2009

Please be informed , commencing from the first of march this year Pensioners will be receiving Form from Inps asking the you to declare your income, what you will be required to do is the following:

• Seek from Centrelink ; the Annual payments received ( January to December of Each Year)

• Your Annual bank Interest received

• Rental Income

• Super payments

• Identification Document

If the Pensioner is not able to attend , the attendee must have the Pensioner permission to act on their behalf : Power of Attorney would suffice.

Article 10

INPS will be sending all Pensioners the annual payment statement that is called Article 10

Centrelink requires that all recipients furbish a copy of the document to your nearest Centrelink Office , further we recommend that a copy should be Given to our Office as part of our record keeping.

As usual our Office is opened Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm

Our contact numbers: 03 90784189 = 03 93809228


Office Address is 988 Lygon Street North Carlton Vic


Dear readers ,


Please be informed that the Italian Financial institution Banca Popolare Italiana through INPS the Italian Social security system , is seeking information on the beneficiary’s of Italian pension , this request will be repeated annually .

• The Pensioner is required to declare that they are alive.

• Confirmation that the postal details have not changed

• That the Bank details have not changed

• In any case it is advised that the forms be filled out by one of our officer,

• These documents need to be signed by the recipient before an Officer of the Patronato

Our Office is situated at 988 Lygon Street North Carlton Victoria, hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9.Am To 4.30 .


Patronato Enas 988 Lygon Street North Carlton Vic.
Tel 03/ 93809228
Web page:

Dichiarazione Redditi 2010
Documentazione Necessaria per la Compilazione.


Pensionato e Partner.
Ammontare degli Interessi.
Libretti di Banca pensione : Da Gennaio a Dicembre per 2010.
Documentazione dei Soldi Investiti con Interessi Pagani da gennaio a Decembre  2010.

Documentazione d’ogni Altro tipo di Redito ( affitti , Superannuation, ) Gennaio  a Dicembre 2010
Sia applicabile copia della Dichiarazione dei Redditi per (2010)
(TAX Return )
Passaporto .
Certificato di Cittadinanza .
Tesserino Centrelink.

Cav Joe Cossari JP